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The ancestor Matsuda family belongs to the Shijo line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan,
and is a branch family of the Yamashina family.
For generations, the ancestor served in important positions such as hyōjōshu,
magistrates, and public servants of the Kamakura bakufu and Muromachi bakufu,
and the Yorinari school held the highest rank of the fourth rank of Danjodai under the Ritsuryo system.
Honami Honko, the 6th head of the Honami family, was an adopted son-in-law from the Matsuda family,
and his family business is sword appraisal, polishing, and wiping.
Koetsu Honami, who later became a tea master, craftsman, painter, gardener, publisher,
and Noh mask maker, was the great-grandson of the 6th head of the family.
The Shijo family is a kitchen knife make job. The Yamashina family runs Imondo and a family business.
Considering his ancestors, he was versatile in his activities in various fields such as martial arts, literary arts, and arts.
Its bloodline and spirit were inherited by Shizujitsu, and in the formation of a new school,
the title (surname) was changed from ''Matsuda'' to ''Shinomiya'', and the personal name was changed from
''Minoru'' to ''Shinomiya Yukisane" and another name is "Matsuda Yukisane".